Braund Eiler & Vasko is now Herbein + Company, Inc.

A half century of high standards...a legacy of high performance. Braund, Eiler & Vasko remains one of the most prominent accounting names in western Pennsylvania. Established as a traditional tax and accounting group decades ago, BEV has evolved into a multi-dimensional financial services firm offering businesses and individuals the insights, strategies and expertise to manage their assets intelligently and with secure confidence.

Trust. Integrity. Accuracy. Professionalism. Base level expectations you have for your financial services firm, a daily doctrine that defines our execution. These core beliefs, and one other signature promise that expresses our desire to excel...relationship value. Uncompromising character from individuals willing to invest the time to understand your needs fully...and go one step further to multiply your satisfaction.

Expect nothing less. Achieve so much more.
It’s a simple equation: (b * e * v ) + u = smart.